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Shobukan aikido was established in 1994 by Marcus Chan sensei and in 2007 was rebranded as Kensankai Aikido Malaysia (Aikikai).

YMCA and Kensankai history. He was introduced to aikido by his good friend Mr. Tee Cheng Sum in 1985. At the YMCA Aikido club, Kuala Lumpur he trained under George Lo sensei. read more...

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About Aikido

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

copy-of-aikikaibz_wallpaper_1280.jpgWelcome to the Aikido Malaysia community site.

Aikido is translated as

“The Way Of Harmony With The Ki OF The Universe”

Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art( Budo )founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883~1969 ) whom aikidoka address as O’sensei which means great teacher.

O’sensei mastered the principles of Japanese Budo ,then went through hard training and developed the “Art” into the “Way” which became the modern Budo.

Aikido is not fighting with force.The techniques which derive from IRIMI(entering) and TENKAN(turning) only control other’s violent force and does not promote bloodshed. It is suitable for the present time when many believe cherishing lives is important. This is one of the reasons why aikido is called the Budo of “Harmony”.

Purpose of Aikido

The Founder said “Aiki is not fighting and defeating the opponent”. Aikido is the training of one’s body and soul through repeated practice with others depending on their level of skill. By mastering the circular movement, one will develop the heart of harmony (joy ,strength ,freedom and tenderness ) which is the essence of Aikido.

Characteristic Of Aikido

Characteristic of Aikido is the movement of circular motion as in IRIMI and MAAI( harmonious distance ) , and the techniques that come from absolute centering of balance. With Aikido one can control others with ones’ natural and beautiful movement. Aikido does not require special physical strength. Thus anyone can join the practice.

Practicing Aikido

Aikido have no tournaments . There is no such idea as “Defeating Others ” in the spirit of Aikido. Tournaments develop desire for victory and defeat. Aikido is a Budo that places self discipline as the most important factor. With everyday practice of strengthening body and soul ,good health and a strong mind is earned.

Aikido Today

As of now Aikido is loved by more than 2,500,000 people in 85 countries including the elderly ,women , children and the disabled.