About Kensankai Aikido

Shobukan aikido was established in 1994 by Marcus Chan sensei and in 2007 was rebranded as Kensankai Aikido Malaysia (Aikikai).

YMCA and Kensankai history. He was introduced to aikido by his good friend Mr. Tee Cheng Sum in 1985. At the YMCA Aikido club, Kuala Lumpur he trained under George Lo sensei. read more...

Marcus Chan
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Tel : (603) 62732939
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Kensankai Aikido

Kobe Sanda Aikido Dojo 20th anniversary celebration.

March 5 th 2017 we will be attending our shihan ‘s dojo 20th anniversary. 10 years passed by in an instant since our last visit. This will be a wonderful opportunity to rekindle old friendship and to meet new ones too. See you all in Sanda.

Marcus Chan

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