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Shobukan aikido was established in 1994 by Marcus Chan sensei and in 2007 was rebranded as Kensankai Aikido Malaysia (Aikikai).

YMCA and Kensankai history. He was introduced to aikido by his good friend Mr. Tee Cheng Sum in 1985. At the YMCA Aikido club, Kuala Lumpur he trained under George Lo sensei. read more...

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Kensankai Aikido

Application of Aikido Principles And Philosophys To Daily Life. Tool For Corporate Management To Resolve Conflicts And Issues.


Embracing And Engaging Constraints

Aikido as a modern martial art that have borrowed and transformed traditional Values and Wisdom to apply in our daily lives .

In our daily lives , at home , school or in our workplace there will always be issues old and new cropping up . Conflicts of interest is also common . Our ability to handle such issues and conflicts and restore harmony is vital to our Mental , Physical and Spiritual health . For corporate management it is crucial to the productivity and efficiency of the company .

Aikido practice is passive in nature . The goal of aikido is not to cause harm or destroy the opponent . In an aikido class , the practice is mostly done with a partner . The teacher will show a technique to counter and immobolize a strike , grab or hold .Two person will then practice this over and over until the teacher continue with the next move. The two will exchange roles as the Nage ( the person who is being held or strike at ) and Uke ( the partner that initiate the attack ) .

Uke have a very important role to play. Without the Uke , Nage cannot truly use his mind and body to refine his techniques . Uke in turn have to feel the technique and movement of the Nage and use his mind and body to recieve the technique and this is refered as Ukemi . It is said that if ones Ukemi is good , his aikido will grow . After 22 years of Aikido , I am still trying to give good Ukemi to my partners during my aikido practice .

Irimi which is the entering movement in Aikido is similar to embracing and engaging conflicts and issues in the corporate world.

Tenkan which is the turning movement is similar to leading the situation around so that one can utilize the energy for a possible resolution .

Irimi and Tenkan is to take a position whereby two or more parties can enter to pause and reflect on the different possibilities of creating solutions . To collaborate . Also it gives a position to see things from the others’ point of view .

Maai is to maintain a harmonious distance at all time .

Management Workshops And Team Building

Kensankai Aikido have worked with major companies such as Shell , A.C. Neilson , Technip , Nippon Oil on Management Workshops and Team Building Sessions . We have also done workshops for Facilitators Networks in Malaysia and Singapore .

Programmes And Workshops

  1. Embracing And Engaging Constraints
  2. Leadership Using Aikido
  3. Team Building With Aikido And Japanese Cultural Activities
  4. Innovation And Improvisation From Aikido View Point

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