About Kensankai Aikido

Shobukan aikido was established in 1994 by Marcus Chan sensei and in 2007 was rebranded as Kensankai Aikido Malaysia (Aikikai).

YMCA and Kensankai history. He was introduced to aikido by his good friend Mr. Tee Cheng Sum in 1985. At the YMCA Aikido club, Kuala Lumpur he trained under George Lo sensei. read more...

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Kensankai Aikido

About Kensankai Aikido Malaysia( Aikikai )

kensankai-logo.jpgShobukan aikido was established in 1994 by Marcus Chan sensei and in 2007 was rebranded as Kensankai Aikido Malaysia( Aikikai ).

A Bit Of YMCA and Kensankai History

He was introduced to aikido by his good friend Mr.Tee Cheng Sum in 1985. At the YMCA Aikido club, Kuala Lumpur he trained under George Lo sensei.

He was recommended to grade for his shodan ( 1st dan ) exam in 1988. The exam was conducted by visiting instructors Shigenobu Okumura shihan and Etsuji Horii sensei of Honbu Dojo ( Aikido World Headquarters).

In 1989 George sensei migrated to Australia and Mr. Tee was put in charge and with Marcus , Lee Foo Kai and Leong Yew Meng expanded the classes and developed the base for aikido expansion in Kuala Lumpur. It was during this time that Marcus sensei seek the help of Aikikai Singapore and the late Foo sensei of Seremban and made frequent visit to Seremban and Singapore, particularly Harry Ng sensei and Philip Lee sensei to learn.

In 1993 Marcus sensei visited Honbu Dojo and stayed in Japan for about 3 weeks. he also visited Hironobu Yamada shihan’s dojos in Chiba Prefecture whom he met in Singapore.It was about this time that Mr. Low Thian Seng, Dr.Leong, Mr. Raymond Kwok and Mr. Tony Yap joined the YMCA aikido club. With this dedicated team of people the YMCA aikido club decided to form The Peninsula Aikido Association which was later changed to The Malaysian Aikido Association.

In 1994 Marcus sensei was upgarded to nidan(2nd dan) by visiting Honbu instructors Seishiro Endo shihan. It was at this period of time that Marcus sensei decided to become independent from the YMCA aikido club and set up Shobukan Aikido dojo under the umbrella of Jun Yamada shihan of Aikikai Malaysia. In 1996 he was upgraded to sandan( 3rd dan) by Yamada shihan.

In 2004 Marcus sensei became independent from Aikikai Malaysia and in 2005 approached Etsuji Horii shihan of Kobe Sanda Aikido Dojo to be the shihan and technical director for Shobukan. Marcus sensei was upgraded to yondan(4th dan) in 2006 by Horii shihan. Kensan is the name given to Marcus sensei’s dojo .

In January 8 , 2012 Marcus Chan was awarded 5th dan during the kagamibiraki ceremony at honbu dojo.

Horii shihan make regular yearly visits to Malaysia to conduct seminars and upgrading.Kensankai Aikido Malaysia is under the umbrella organization of Aioikai International under Etsuji Horii shihan that report to Honbu Dojo ( Aikikai ). Kensankai Aikido Malaysia is proud to work in collaboration with the YMCA Aikido Club and Seishinkai to arrange the seminars done by Horii shihan in Malaysia.The rest as they say is history!

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  1. Norleen Sim says:

    Would like to have the address of your dojo, and a map would be helpful too.

  2. Vincent Wong says:

    I’m interested to learn Aikido..where do you teach? And on what days? I’m already in my middle ages..(will that pose a problem in learning?)

  3. Master says:

    Hi , Do drop by on Tues or Wed. evening. welcome. Go to ‘Schedule’ for info. Do give me a call.SEE you

  4. Andy wong says:

    Dear sir,
    Can i know what is the minimum age for the training.? And how it charges?

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